“Being single at 70 is pain, I’m searching for love” – Virgin woman cries

A woman in her 70s believes that finding love at her age is really possible.

The entire life of Congolese woman Alphonsine Tawara has been spent as a virgin. She claims she made the decision to maintain her cleanliness.

The elderly woman, who is still a virgin, explained that she turned down all men when she was younger in order to work hard, stay focused, and take care of her siblings.

She continued by saying that because she had consistently put off the thought of getting married while she was younger, no man had expressed interest in her until she had reached middle age.

“Because I haven’t met the right man for me, I’m still single. However, I was being pursued by various men when I was still a young girl.

“I dated a lot of people, but because I was the one looking after my siblings, I refused to get married before they finished school.”

“I used to turn down marriage proposals from men because I wanted to educate my siblings first and get married afterwards, she added.”

Alphonsine Tawara has oddly insisted that she is ready to find love, settle down and start making a family, She would not allow age to stop her now.

If I could find a husband, I would get married. I’m willing to cohabitate with my husband as his wife.

She claimed to be the mother of many students while having no biological children.

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