Angry father descends ruthlessly on lesbian daughter

On his daughter, who has embraced lesbianism and its associated behaviors, an enraged father has unleashed violent rage.

The innocent girl uploaded a video of herself and her female lover acting affectionately.

The video of them touching, snuggling, and caressing each other’s private areas was then posted on social media.

Her father became furiously angry and vowed to treat her brutally as soon as the video went viral.

Their father, a Nigerian Christian, was upset that his daughter had grown fond of someone who was the same gender as her.

This eventually resulted in a squabble between the daughter and her father. The father was so full of rage that he held the neck of the poor daughter and began to choke her.

If not for the swift intervention of those present, the man was ready to press the neck of the lady and suffocate her until she died.

All along, the father could not believe that his daughter would have lesbian tendencies and even share them on the internet.

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