Thank you, God – Woman celebrates as husband divorces her saying he’s tired

A lady has been filled with joy and gratitude to God for touching the man’s heart to choose to end the marriage, rather than being sad or crying after her husband decided to divorce her and stated he is tired of the marriage.

The Islamic marriage between Waheed Hafiz and Adama Hafiz was dissolved on Thursday, September 22, 2022, according to the News Agency of Nigeria.

The court presided over by Judge AbdulQodir Ahmed heard that Waheed Hafiz wanted to end the marriage because he was fed up with the relationship with Adama, despite having two children.

Unlike in some cases where the respondent to the divorce petition would initially reject the divorce request, Adama said she was happy that Waheed decided to divorce her.

It is unclear why she was excited by the divorce, but NAN quoted her as saying “Alhamdulillah” instead of being sad.

The court dissolved the marriage and made the woman have custody of their two children, while the man has the right to visit his children any day, but at reasonable times, the news agency reports.

Adama pleaded with the court to order Waheed to return her laptop to her in addition to a sum of money he owed her. She also wanted him to cater for the children’s education, healthcare, and feeding.

Waheed, on his part, said that he had sold the laptop for N20,000. He promised to refund the N30,000 he owed Adama and also agreed to pay her N20,000 for each of the two children every month, as she requested.

The court adjourned the case to October 13, to enable the wife to provide evidence and witnesses on the husband’s ability to pay N40,000 monthly for his children’s upkeep.

As it stands, however, both Adama and Waheed are now duly divorced and independent of each other.

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