Stonebwoy uncovers evil agenda against his career by industry players

Stoenbwoy, a dancehall artist, has said that he will persevere and maintain his composure in the face of attempts to undermine his career by some key figures in the Ghanaian entertainment sector.

The artist shared a screenshot of a discussion with a buddy who had learned of a conspiracy against his brand on Friday, September 24.

In their graph, the sender highlighted how Stonebwoy’s rivals had been pitted against him by the same music industry players.

KING, honestly the agenda against you is wild o. Very wild. Some industry players say ‘he is not there for us, when we need him.’ The reason they keep pitching…” the unknown sender told Stonebwoy.

In response, the ‘Gidigba’ singer published the screenshot to officially announce to the public all the schemes and arrows fired at him.

“Topic for another day, Time is the master…We See Them And We Know Them.. Still We Stand #Gidigba,” he tweeted.

Check out the tweet below:

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