Slay Queen Turns Her Mugu Into A Dog In Tiktok Videos

TikTok, a Chinese video hosting service, is here to stay! As users of the social media platform continue to flood the page with bizarre, amusing, instructive, and other films, it has completely taken over the internet.

As the site’s user base expands, users are competing with one another to create the hottest material and set the trend.

And so day by day, we see various videos, sometimes very offensive ones!

Apparently, a slay queen has turned the old man she’s dating into a dog – she sits on him to do everything in her videos.

In videos that have popped up on social media, the young girl is seen using her sugar daddy as a carrier where she sits on him, carries stuff and tells him to crawl.

The young lady has successfully turned someone’s father into an animal all because of fame.

Social media has reacted to the videos.

However, fans can’t sympathize with the man as he has chosen to serve a slay queen in the name of a relationship!

Watch the video below;



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