Adepa has a mental problem – Mona Gucci Opens Up About L3sbobo Rumors

A Ghanaian television show host named Monalisa Abigail Semeha has come forward to dispel L3sbianism accusations.

One Adepa accused Mona of luring her into lesbianism and using her as a pimp for males in exchange for money.

The young lady declared that she views the TV host as a role model and has grown close to her. Unbeknownst to her, Miss Abigail was using her as her bedmate and pimping her out to men for her own selfish motives.

Miss Semeha has appeared in public to refute these claims. She claimed that Adepa had already admitted to her that she is a lesbian before they grew acquainted.

She added that being a TV Personality, Adepa is just obsessed with her to the extent of tattooing her name on her body.

To add to that, Adepa is a miscreant who does all sorts of bad things including drugs according to Mona.

Despite knowing all these about Adepa, Mona Gucci said she accepted her in order to help her change.

The lawyer however agreed that she pimped her to a man only to help her change her sexual orientation.

Mona claimed Adepa is doing all these because she has been sent by one Cindy Cash and Ghmouthpiece to disgrace her publicly for a GH¢10k reward.

Ghmouthpiece is a Blogger and Cindy Cash and Mona were Best friends.

Mona cleared this in a video and she ended by saying ”Adepa has a Mental Problem”



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