She dribbled my man in bed- Wendy Shay on why she used profane lyrics for bestie who snatched her man

Wendy Shay, unquestionably the biggest female musician in Ghana, has had her heart emotionally torn to pieces, but she has used art to tell her experience in a brand-new song.

Wendy claimed that her partner and her best friend were also dribbling each other in bed as she was busy busy busy grinding her ass out to maintain her persona.

She has just been served breakfast, to put it simply.

In her new song, which features profanity laced throughout the lyrics and an apology to all Shay Gangs—her fans in general—she took it all out on her friend.

It’s difficult for hardworking women to find true love, she wrote. Please excuse my language; this song is very personal. While I was on the road pursuing my passion, my so-called best friend was also after my man.

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