“I don’t do galamsey but prostitution” – Nigerian lady reveals

A Nigerian woman has described how “galamsey,” or illicit mining, was used to entice her into prostitution.

The woman has spoken out after numerous foreign nationals were detained by the National Security in an effort to combat the “galamsey” threat.

She claims she was brought to the country from Nigeria on the promise of employment at and management of her alleged employer’s shop.

However, things did not go as planned when she landed in Ghana. The agent who brought her to Ghana had actually been deceiving her the entire time.

Upon arriving in Ghana, she said her clothes were changed, her hair was cut, including her private areas, and she was officially initiated into prostitution.

While the company of hundreds of other nationalities has been arrested for their supposed involvement in galamsey, the Nigerian lady revealed that she does prostitution in order to get by.

Thus, she was sleeping at one of these locations when she was arrested together with the galamsey operators.

She spoke in the video below…

The arrested individuals will be arraigned before court.

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