Woman Arrested In South Korea Over Dead Children Found In Suitcase

According to South Korean police, they have detained a lady who is accused of killing her two children, who were discovered last month in luggage in New Zealand.

In a case that shook the nation, strangers who had purchased the abandoned luggage from an Auckland storage facility found the deaths.

The bodies were thought to have been kept in storage for a while. The victims were reported to be between the ages of 7 and 10.
The woman is being sought by New Zealand from South Korea.

After announcing last month that they thought the woman was in South Korea, Auckland police said they had collaborated extensively with South Korean authorities in their search for her.

The woman had fled to South Korea in 2018 after the children’s deaths, South Korean police said. She is a 42-year-old New Zealand national of Korean descent.

A global Interpol warrant had been issued for her arrest. Officers arrested her on Thursday in a midnight raid on an apartment in the south-eastern city of Ulsan.

It followed a stakeout after investigators received tips about her whereabouts, Seoul’s National Police agency said.
Last month, New Zealand police said they were searching for the woman after they managed to identify the children, whose names have not been disclosed.



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