I’m starving, tired of using dildos – Woman who messed up husband’s manhood

After disclosing that she utilized black magic to weaken her husband’s penis, a young woman claims she needs help.

She told Arnold Elavanyo on Vibes in 5 that she is sick of using dildos and that she and her husband of seven years—with whom she has two children—now desire a third child.

“My family wants me to have another child, but I’m sick of taking dildos,” the woman said. Although I didn’t consider it when I removed his masculinity, I now do because I also want to have another child. She stated, “I want to have more kids.

The woman claimed that ever since she killed her husband’s masculinity, she has never cheated on him or even considered doing so.

“I am a person who doesn’t cheat, and I haven’t done so since I killed my husband’s manhood. The idea has never occurred to me. I don’t cheat because I detest being cheated on. I chose the vibrators and dildo,” she continued.

Delving into how she concluded killing her husband’s manhood, the woman said if he couldn’t have her husband to herself, she wasn’t ready to share him.

“I am embarrassed… I know he is cheating, so, I decided to destroy his manhood,” she added.

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