‘I’ll Go Mad If I Don’t Smoke – Kelvyn Boy

The singer Kelvyn Boy, real name Kelvin Brown, has spoken up about his lifelong smoking habit and stated that he does not see it as an issue.

He claimed that if he did not smoke, he would go insane on Hitz FM’s “DayBreak on Hitz,” when debating the fallacy that smoking causes insanity.

You know how they say that if you smoke, you go crazy? I go crazy if I don’t smoke, he said of himself.

The musician stated that he does not read people’s comments on social media since he does not care what they think of him, despite the perception that people have of him and smoking.

However, he stated that he likes to stay true to himself and his lifestyle as an artist.

“I like to stay real and I feel like this thing we dey do is my life, it’s my lifestyle too. It’s my career. This is the only thing I know how to do. For real, I dey smoke,” he said speaking Pidgin English.

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