Don’t come into my DM if you’re a broke guy – Xandy Kamel

An actress and presenter of a television program, Xandy Kamel, has given a harsh warning to the unemployed men who overwhelm her direct messages (DMs) with love offers.
The divorced woman claims that she is sick and tired of the guys who are suffering financially and who have refused to enable her to enjoy her peace of mind now that she is looking for a wealthy companion.

She says that she wants a wealthy partner who would make her happy.

Xandy Kamel said in a brief video how the men in question flood her direct messages with generous increase offers and then proceed to make their romantic interest in a way that is really obnoxious.

Towards the end of the film, Xandy Kamel offered a caution to the males in the broke lover relationship that they should be extremely cautious with her feelings by first flattering her and then telling her that they desire her love.


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