Hajia4Real flaunts her newly acquired Brabus

Hajia4Real, a singer and socialite, has posted pictures of her new big girl buy on her social media platforms.

Remember how the female vocalist recently gave her online followers a behind-the-scenes look at the interior of her Rolls Royce?

Hajia4Real was recorded sitting on top of her blue G-Wagon Brabus luxury car while moving her body to her new song with Fancy Gadam, which was playing in the background, in a recent video that has been discovered on her Instagram page.

The 2019 Brabus G Wagon owned by Hajia4eals is estimated to be worth roughly $240,000, or GHC 2,489,843.16.

Hajia4Real also gently displayed her stunning residence, which was surrounded by a sizable property loaded with flowers and other pricey vehicles.


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