Moment dancers crash onto pavement after twɛrking on roof of bus shelter (video)

A bus shelter suddenly falls here as a bunch of Notting Hill dancers twerk on the roof.
As the celebration of music, food, and color made a comeback for the first time in three years, revelers could be seen grinning and dancing on the top of the shelter.

Approximately seven carnival-goers are captured on camera enjoying themselves and waving to the applauding throng below.

Others stand by the bus stop, with one man walking directly underneath as families and friends dance to the music in the street.

But in one sudden instant, the roof of the shelter collapses, sending the dancers plummeting to the ground and almost crushing those beneath them, thesun reports.

Onlookers can be seen rushing to help, while the crowd gasps in shock.

Those watching the footage online were quick to comment, with the clip sparking mixed reactions.

One person said: “I hope the girl in the blue is okay.”

Another said: “I hope no one is hurt but that’s sooo funny!”


Watch the video below ;


It comes after the carnival was scrapped for the second year in a row last year due to the Covid pandemic.

The party was back with a bang this weekend, with an estimated 1million people thought to have filled the streets with colour and music.

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