“He’s not the one in the video” – Sumsum Ahuofe defends Afia Schwar’s son

Actor Sumsum Ahuofe from Kumawood has openly admitted that he watched the purported bedroom video of two gay men who are thought to be Afia Schwar’s son and his partner.

Recall that Nana Tornado revived the age-old allegations that James Schwar, the son of Afia Schwar, is gay two weeks ago.

James received a strange birthday message from Nana Tornado, Afia Schwar’s well-known adversary, on his Instagram profile. In the post, Nana Tornado once more alleged that James is gay.

Following Nana Tornado’s outrageous charges against the young man, Maame Ngege, who has previously fought Afia Schwar, said in a video that she had seen James’ gay film.

Amidst the brouhaha, Sumsum Ahuofe has also shared his two cents about the trending issue during an exclusive interview with Ghpage’s Rashad.

According to Sumsum Ahuofe, he has been privileged to watch the video and he can firmly state that the guy in the video is not James.

As claimed by Sumsum Ahuofe, James is not the guy in the circulating video hence Nana Tornado and Maame Ngege should bow their heads in shame.

Sumsum Ahuofe continued that, he didn’t see James’ face in the video therefore it’ll be very absurd for any sane person to point accusing fingers at James.

The actor also accused Nana Tornado of wickedly circulating the fake video just to defame Afia Schwar and her son because of the intense hate and dislike he has for them as a family.

Watch the video below to know more…

Apart from Sumsum Ahuofe, some Ghanaians who have also watched the video have rubbished Nana Tornado and Maame Ngege’s claims that James is the guy in the video.

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