Dr. UN finally reveals why he gave Sarkodie ‘water flask’ as an award (WATCH)

Dr. UN, also known as Kwame Owusu Fordjour, revealed that the golden flask he gave to Grammy-winning rapper Sarkodie was meaningful.

Sarkodie was given an award in the shape of a flask because, according to the self-styled Global Ambassador for the United Nations (UN), who is infamous for pulling off a “fake” UN award back in August 2020, he is just like water.

“Sarkodie himself who received the flask, ask him how I explained things to him. I said he had in his hand water. A shining star, water is life. All your followers, the population, you hold in your hands their lives. That is the meaning of that,” Kwame Owusu Fordjour explained.

It would be remembered that the rapper was mocked by a section of Ghanaians for falling victim to Dr UN’s fake awards.

Sarkodie was among several accomplished personalities who were handed over low-cost plaques which their thought was an award from the United Nations.

Speaking on the Delay Show on August 28, Dr UN maintained that his awards scheme was credible adding that it was in honour of the late former UN Secretary-General, Dr Kofi Annan.

He also called out the public for discrediting his awards.

“It was a global award for achievers. It was in honour of Kofi Annan, that is the key…it was a disclaimer the UN brought to the public that they had nothing to do with Dr Fordjour’s awards…I have done about 10 to 11 awards, so to me, Ghanaians don’t learn and they keep talking trash about dignified people,” he defended.

Watch the video below:

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