Delay jabs Serwaa Amihere for betraying Bridget Otoo

Deloris Frimpong Manso, alias Delay, a TV and radio broadcaster, has subtly criticized Serwaa Amihere for posting on the internet the unpleasant incidents that were recorded during Bridget Otoo’s wedding.

Following Bridget Otoo’s coded wedding, footage from Serwaa Amihere’s timeline began to circulate on social media as well.

Despite the fact that the films weren’t all that horrible, no close friend would share one of these movies on social media right away after a buddy’s wedding when there were so many other better and positive moments at the event.

The moment Bridget Otoo’s husband Mr. Evans Tetteh refused to kiss the media celebrity was captured on one of the tapes.

In another video also, Bridget was eating with the one recording the video giving a commentary.

Brideht Otoo who didn’t like the open publication of the videos took to her Twitter page to blast Serwaa Amihere and also tag her as a bad friend.

It is at the back of these incidents that Delay has also shared her sentiments over the whole saga.

According to Delay, Bridget Otoo should be very cautious of the people she deems as friends because some of them are wolves in sheep’s wool.

Watch the video below to know more…

Delay continued to attack without naming her targets in her typical cowardly manner.

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