Wayoosi threatens to sue Agya Koo

Actor Wayoosi from Kumawood appears to be at odds with veteran actor Agya Koo because he has threatened to sue the latter.
Since Ghana’s film industry has remained stagnant for a while, most actresses and actors have retreated into their shells, but some have attempted to post a few sketches on YouTube and social media.

Agya Koo, who left the movie industry after it collapsed, has also launched some humorous performances on YouTube. Wayoosi revealed how much Agya Koo’s departure from the film industry affected him in an interview with Ambassador TV.

“Agya Koo staying away from the industry affected me big time because the majority of Ghanaians know I move with Agya Koo”. He told AMBASSADOR TV.

According to Wayoosi “Producers who were willing to use me in their movies decided to use different actors because they think I’m good when they pair me with Agya Koo”

“Agya Koo can never say he is quitting acting. He should dare to come out with that news because the day he will make that announcement, I will surely deal with him” Wayoosi threatened.

He added that “Agya Koo can only say goodbye to acting when he is not alive but since he is alive and has the strength to act, I will sue him if he decides to quit acting”.

“With teamwork, Unity, and determination, I believe the comeback of Agya Koo will help resurrect the dying Kumawood Movie Industry”

The Industry has not collapsed as people always think but the problem is our leaders didn’t prepare for the new trend such as using social media and other methods to sell the movies” he added.

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