Kelvyn Boy’s ‘baby mama’ abuse story caused him a lot of deals – manager

The baby mom of Ghanaian Afrobeats musician Kelvynboy has been revealed by the artist’s manager, Kwabena Derrick Diddy.
Recall that a few months back, the Adenta Divisional Police Unit arrested musician Kelvin Boy and held him in their custody for a court hearing.

According to accounts, Kelvyn Boy used an iron rod to viciously beat his pregnant baby mama, with whom he has two children. The report also said that he stole a television from the baby mama’s store while there.

Speaking in a MUSE Africa Twitter spaces, Kelvyn Boy’s manager, Diddy said a news report about Kelvynboy abusing his baby mama caused him “plenty” deals.

“… the whole baby mama drama that came up with Kelvyn. Bro, those stories were lies from the pit of hell. Which normal human being go pick an iron rod and beat a woman? And the sad part be say those pictures that were circulating to be the baby mama were downloaded pictures. The woman is fairer [in complexion] than that,” he said.

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