Is that a warning or threat? Delay asks Dr UN

The Delay Show had a confrontation between Dr. UN and Delay, the first time a celebrity has ever challenged the tireless TV anchor on her own program.

A formable personality has been effectively constructed by Delay as a result of her extraordinary, though unconventional, interviewing techniques, which tend to force as much information as possible from the subject of the interview.

She used the same technique when she welcomed Dr. UN, the person who pulled off the biggest fraud in Ghanaian awards show history.

During the interview, Dr UN got offended when Delay asked him about his criminal record in 2018 and how he jumped bail.

He told Delay bluntly that her style of interview was unprofessional.

He then asked her to be careful about what she was probably getting herself into.

‘Is that a warning or a threat?’, Delay swiftly asked him following the stern warning.

Well, the full interview will be aired this weekend on TV3.

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