I never considered divorce while married to pastor Love; I didn’t want to die- Obaapa Christy

Obaapa Christy, a gospel performer, has spoken candidly about her marriage to her ex-husband Pastor Love and the reasons she had to consider divorce.
Obaapa Christy and Pastor Love’s marriage broke up in a terrible way a number of years ago. At the slightest provocation, the two sides have been disparaging each other.

Speaking in an interview on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, with Sokoohemaa Kuuka, Obaapa Christy advised women to walk away from toxic marriages and relationships that will eventually disgrace them.

When the artist was asked if she ever thought of divorcing her ex-husband Pastor Love especially being a Christian. “No that never crossed my mind. I never thought of that”, she replied.

“People have reasons for taking risks. I don’t base my decisions on what others have done. I don’t base my decisions on what others have done”.

Although I am aware that you desire a response, I didn’t want to discuss it now. Everything that occurs to us in life serves a purpose since we never know what the future will bring. I may have had to go through that experience, so I rely entirely on God.

Sometimes, if you don’t take that brave step away from the challenges, God won’t be with you. No matter what people say, believe, or do, God is with you. The most crucial thing is that you comprehend the suffering you are going through. You must make decisions for yourself, not based on what other people think of you.

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