I love my baby daddy because of his sweet feminine voice – 17yr old single mother (+ Video

Sahadatu, a 17-year-old mother who is unmarried, has explained why she lied to her partner and let him get her pregnant.

On Oyerepa Afutuo Thursday, hosted by “MFK,” Sahadatu, who got pregnant at age 15 with her then-lover Kwaku Owusu, then 21, emphasized that the reason she fell in love with him is because of the way he speaks to her.

Sahadatu asserts that her partner speaks in a feminine tone and frequently cracks jokes that boost her self-esteem.

“Kwaku Owusu is a footballer… I love him because of how he talks to me. He has a soft voice like a woman and mostly cracks jokes to make me feel happy.” She told MFK.l

She saddeningly related how Kwaku Owusu had neglected her ever since she became pregnant. She said that her 2-year-old son was neglected by Kwaku.

She said that after becoming pregnant, her parents sent her to live with Kwaku’s old sister, who promptly kicked her out. It was a community school where she slept till her friend Blessing picked her up and brought her home.

When asked why she had taken the matter to Oyerepa Radio, Sahadatu said that Kwaku should rent a room for her infant and pay GHc1000 to clear her expenses.


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