Ajagurajah angrily buys everything from waakye seller to piss off a guy who disrespected him

The founder of Universal Spiritual Outreach, also known as the Ajagurajah Movement in Ghana, recently did something that caused social media users to laugh out loud.

The contentious prophet Ajagurajah, popularly referred to as Chop Bar Prophet, posted a story on his Instagram page about an incident that occurred when he was out buying his favorite treat, Waakye.

Prophet Ajagurajah revealed in a video he posted on his Facebook that he went shopping for his favorite treat, waakye. The vendor welcomed him when he arrived and wanted to assist him out of respect for his character.

However, it seems one of the customers who did not mind who the prophet was flared up and started hurling insults at him and also disrespected him. Out of anger, he said that he asked about the cost of the whole food including the other add-ups eaten with it and the stew.

The prophet disclosed that he bought everything from the Waakye seller and placed them in his car booth leaving all the customers confused in the queue.

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