Ghanaian female employee stole my money to buy iPhone for her boyfriend — Businessman cries out

In an ideal world, candidates’ levels of experience and attitudes toward the employment would be taken into consideration while making recruiting decisions.

When you employ relatives and friends, they could have a propensity to give you advise that you haven’t explicitly asked for.

Although it is legal to employ family members and friends, you should be aware that due to the close relationship you share, they might have a tendency to do their jobs poorly.

Sometimes those who are considered to be in the family and friends zone have a tendency to take normal regulations for granted, which may lead to the failure of a firm.

Evans Nunoo, an entrepreneur and economist, disclosed that a trusted female worker at his company had stolen money from the company’s coffers in order to pay for the expenses incurred by her boyfriend.

After making many tries to convince the worker, to tell the truth, he said that the woman disproved the allegations of embezzlement.

However, it was ultimately revealed that the worker had used some of the stolen money to purchase a phone for her lover using another portion of the money that she had stolen.

He said “In my first experience, I employed this lady for my business thinking as a female, she will be lenient and not be a fraud. But unfortunately, she stole huge sums of money from me. When I called her to demand answers, she told me it was the gods of her family that stole the money.

“I later investigated through her friends and I was told she was actually spending this money on a guy. And, at the time the phone I was struggling to buy was the phone the guy was using.”

The job of operating a family-owned company is often grievously complicated by friction arising from rivalries.

Evans Nunoo referenced that a close relative who took over the business also run it down.

In an interview on Kumasi-based Luv FM, he said: “I recruited a brother to look after the job and it was the same thing. In fact, he did an organized crime.

“Because of his position in the business, he was able to get key employees to connive with and steal to an extent that one of his guys, I was told, had two taxis in less than a year.”

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