Ex-gratia is nonsensical, we must stop paying it – KKD Fires

The ex-gratia to some public officers, according to broadcast journalist Kwesi Kyei Darkwah, often known as KKD, is absurd.

The renowned journalist has been in the news recently due to his harsh criticism of the current administration and some Ministries. After retirement, KKD has opposed ex-gratia payments.

leaders in government enjoy, they should have saved enough to cater for themselves and family when they retire.

“The concept of ex gratia has to be discussed with urgency, cut it out, stop it. My father has worked for 84 years and paid all his taxes but he is not begging anybody to give him money before he goes home,” KKD fumed.

Addressing politicians he said “you get the chance to serve and because of the position you are in you don’t queue for anything, pay rent for years, have access to loans and things that people who work harder and are smarter than you don’t have access to.

“However, you claim that once your power runs out, you cannot write a book. You are so nice and meek, and you are so sick and disabled that we have to take care of you?

The vice president must report to work, but everyone else in the executive branch can be granted that privilege by saying, “Let us protect the dignity of the king,” according to KKD.


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