Reasons men cry at their wedding

There is a trend for men to cry on their wedding day. While some say this shows that the man is open to feeling his emotions, others don’t agree and think it is embarrassing.

Why does this occur?

Who else remembers when they were younger and forced to go to school but they cried all the way?

It is not all bad, she may look simply divine to him, like an angel, more beautiful than he had ever imagined, and the thought of spending life with her is thrilling and makes him emotional. It could be tears of joy.

Is the guilt of his love affair weighing down on him? Maybe he spent the previous night caught up in the passionate embrace of another woman.

Does he miss the free, guilt-free intercourse with different women? Is he ready to commit to sex with one woman for the rest of his life? These thoughts and more could make a man weep on this wedding day.

If the trumpet rang and the world was ending, this crying man might be so happy to know that he doesn’t have to go through with his wedding. The thought of commitment might scare him, but he can’t run away, so he cries.

Perhaps he is extra dramatic or is a content creator and is feeling like showing off his acting skills so that people can aww and like his video online.

Either way, we applaud the show of emotions but wonder how men have shifted from being hunters and gathering to letting their vulnerability show.

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