My wife gives me chop money – Okyeame Kwame says

Okyeame Kwame, a legendary hip-hop artist, has disclosed that his wife Annica Nsiah Apau has been sending him cash.

The union of Okyeame Kwame and his wife is one of the famous unions that is envious. Numerous times, the two have published images of themselves together, renewing their love every now and then.

In an interview with JoyPrime, the rapper explained how his wife had to rein him in because he used to spend too much money on ‘unnecessary’ items.

Okyeame Kwame recalled a day when he bought a designer clothing with the entire amount in the family account. He claimed that his acts caused his wife to check on him over his spending.

The Rapper admitted that following the incident, he now asks his wife, Annica, for her approval before acting, in addition to consulting her while making decisions. He went on to say that if he were to go over his spending limit, he would daily borrow money from his wife.

Okyeame added that he takes permission from his wife before making a purchase of anything above the allocated budget. Okyeame Kwame revealed that he used to receive 100 Cedis when gasoline was 10 Cedis and that he had to ask her permission before spending any money from the household budget.

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