5 petty reasons he won’t date you

You may be wondering why he is around you but isn’t interested in dating you. Here are a few of them.

As everyone searches for the ideal partner, dating may be a rollercoaster.

Sometimes, even when you think you’ve discovered the proper person, he chooses not to advance the relationship.

Here are some trivial explanations for his refusal to date you:

1. He likes your company but not you
Weird right? Perhaps he is bored or lonely, he enjoys talking to you and you give him the attention he craves, but he doesn’t like you any more than that, so he’ll have you around until he finds who he wants.

2. You don’t want to have sex with him
Sex might be petty to you, but a big deal to him. If he is not getting the kind of sex he wants from you or any sex at all, then he might not date you. Of course, don’t let him use sex to guilt trip you into a relationship.

3. Your hygiene is poor
Every man wants to be with a clean and beautiful woman, if your shoes are always dirty, your bras are unwashed, and your vagina has a putrid odour, then don’t be surprised if he doesn’t want to date you.

4. You’re demanding and materialistic
If you have one family emergency or the other, one food craving or the other, you want a wig, a new phone, this or that, your demands can drive him away from you. No one wants a liability.

5. Your social media looks like you are for the streets
If you come off as a babe who is for everyone especially online, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t value or trust you. Your online persona is important in his assessment of you, so keep those nudes to yourself or share them privately.


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