25 Women’s First Date Outfits Guys Love

You’ve been corresponding with him online for some time. Maybe you haven’t, though. Perhaps you ran across him while strolling in the park. You two now want to remove the content from social media. It’s time to see the charming man who always makes you feel better with his messages. Your first date dress also needs to be fantastic if you want to leave a lasting impact on him.

smiling lady wearing blue jumpsuit

I can relate.

The last time I had a date with someone from social media, I spent hours rummaging my wardrobe to find the perfect outfit to wear. At a point, I began feeling anxious and at the same time excited.

“Would he like how I look?” “What do I wear to make his eyes burn with sheer admiration for me?” “How do I look to solidify his attraction towards me?”

fair lady wearing brown sleeveless playsuit for a first date

Those were the words that ran through my mind then. I’m certain you feel the same way too.

But not to worry. If your goal is to look super attractive during your first date with your newfound love, your being on this page means you’re on the right track.

lady wearing green top and jeans

And since we’re rooting for you to write your love story, we’ve curated the best first date outfit ideas to inspire you. Read on to see them.

How to Dress for a First Date

lady wearing monochrome top and mini skirt for a first date

When going for a first date, many ladies make the mistake of trying to over-impress their date.

And that shouldn’t be so.

You shouldn’t try to impress anyone. You should instead, be yourself. Men know what they want and usually go for it. So, just put in your best efforts in looking good, then obey these tips to the letter:

1. Don’t be too Casual

lady wearing brown top and mini skirt for a first date

I know you love sweatpants and tracksuits. They’re great streetwear outfits, of course. But when you’re going out with a potential lover for the first time, keep them at home.

Although a date is a casual outing, it doesn’t mean you should appear too casual. So, save the joggers and sweatpants for your evening workouts. You don’t wanna give your date the impression that you’re lazy or sloppy.

lady on step wearing casual outfit

2. Save Your Heels for Other Occasions

Don’t get me wrong.

lady taking mirror picture in a white top and jeans

Sure you can rock a nice pair of heels with your first date outfits. But if they’re too high, sis, do yourself a mighty favor and save them for later.

For one, you want to be comfy at the venue and super high heels may not provide that comfort especially if you don’t know how to walk in heels. What’s more? You’ll be self-conscious and may even have an embarrassing accident if you aren’t careful.

lady taking mirror picture in a black top and jeans

Furthermore, appearing in really high heels may not only make you but also your date uncomfortable. You don’t wanna do that to someone’s son, do you?

In addition, heels may be inappropriate for the venue. And that brings us to the next rule of thumb.

3. Tailor Your Outfit to Suit the Venus

If you’re having a dinner date and your crush would appear in a nice tux, feel free to don a simple dinner dress with a comfy pair of heels.

If you’re meeting on a beach or poolside, your shorts and a loose-fitting shirt with flip-flops come in handy.

lady wearing a yellow bodycon for a first date

If you’re meeting in a posh restaurant, a sweet dress that frames your figure would do justice to the venue while you add a comfy pair of heels to the look.

This goes without saying the venue of your date plays a big role in how you turn up. So, before you hit the stores to get something nice to wear, confirm the venue and ensure your outfit suits it.

lady wearing a hot brown dress for a first date

4. Avoid Revealing Clothes

lady wearing yellow revealing dress for a first date


Unless you plan to woo him with your body, there’s no need to bare all your body on a first date. So, avoid excessively plunging necklines and see-through pieces.

Save them for other dates you’ll have with him as you both get to know each other. Or better still, let him anticipate feasting his eyes on your body. You don’t have to flash it all over his face on your first date.

lady wearing top and high slit skirt

Wear clothes that accentuate your silhouette and maintain modesty. It’ll even leave your date longing for more.

This doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your best physical assets while seated with your date. Of course, you can.

For instance, if you’ve got fine legs, a mini skirt will let you flaunt them well. If you’re busty, put on a top that shows your cleavage a bit. If you’re proud of your shoulders, rock an off-shoulder neckline.

But don’t go overboard with your first date outfits. Maintain modesty while considering your personal style always.

5. No Too Busy Prints

lady wearing flower print dress

You should be the focus of your date’s attention and not the patterns on your shirt or dress. So, avoid distracting prints and patterns for first date outfits.

But if you feel like wearing them, be moderate at it. You can wear a busy-patterned shirt with a pair of solid-colored pants or vice-versa and get going.

lady wearing a flowery print top on red palazzo

You can also mix prints and patterns. But be careful while doing this lest they should appear too distracting. A pro-tip for avoiding this is to consult our style guide on mixing prints and patterns in one outfit. It’ll save you from appearing too noisy on a first date.

6. Don’t Over-Accessorize

lady wearing a plain gown with black handbag

Sure you should add your hat, jewelry, sunglasses, and what have you to the equation. But be careful while at this.

Why? You may wind up looking too showy. To avoid this, a pro-tip is to look in the mirror just before you step out and take off one accessory from your body. This way, you don’t look too loud when you arrive at the venue.

lady wearing a blue dress with corset and handbag

Furthermore, save the statement pieces for red carpets and other occasions. They’re too dramatic for a first date. Besides, you aren’t competing with anyone else for the spotlight. You already have your date’s attention. Just maintain it by applying moderation.

7. No Heavy Makeup

lady wearing hot red dress for a first date

I know you want to impress him but can you please wear simple makeup?

Keep your bold lipstick for another day, baby. Don’t overshadow your natural beauty with heavy layers of foundation. Avoid those extremely long false lashes like a plague too.

lady wearing a green dress with matching handbag and shoes

Just be confident in your skin and apply moderate makeup.

If he wants you, he’ll look beyond your blackheads, acne, scanty lashes, blemish, etc., and keep you.

8. Look Your Best

lady wearing a yellow top and mini skirt for a date

Sis, put in the effort to look good. Pay attention to your clothes, skin, makeup, perfume, etc.

Fine, you shouldn’t try to overimpress him. But then, that doesn’t mean you should care less about your first date outfit.

lady wearing white top on jeans

So, wear a gorgeous hairstyle. Thankfully, we have a teeming catalogue of hair inspiration for you to go through and find your best pick. Also, smell nice. Apply your perfume correctly so they last as long as you’re with your date (or even longer).

Wear what you feel comfortable and stylish in and…

9. Be Your True Self

lady wearing white top on white pants

In fashion, the one and only way to be your true self is to consider your personal style in all your doings.

If you don’t love first date outfits that cover everything up, feel free to wear the ones that give a glimpse of your physical features. If you don’t love flats, wear moderately high heels. If you don’t love skimpy clothes, don’t wear them all because you’re trying to please a man.

lady wearing shirt on short skirt

Put yourself first. Dress according to your personal style and watch how you solidfy your date’s love for you.

First Date Outfits Guys Love

Alright. We’ve come to that point where you wanna see what you can wear to go meet your new-found love.

lady wearing pink top on jeans

Should you wear a dress or stick with jeans and a corset top? Should you wear a pair of bum shorts or a bodycon dress?

lady wearing a pink suit with matching bad and shoes

Your optons for first date outfits are endless. And we’ve answered your questions in an article that covers what to wear to a date. Be it a first date or a 1000th date, read up our article on date outfits. Then apply the tips you’ve learned in this piece.

They’ll always come in handy when it’s time to hang out with a potential lover for the first time.

lady wearing jumpsuit for a first date


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