Oversized top with no belt – Tracey Boakye’s husband trolled after disgracing her looking wretched on dancefloor

A video of Tracey Boakye’s wedding groom looking wretched has gone viral, with netizens calling him out for disgracing her.

The Kumawood actress married yesterday, July 28th 2022, and is now Mrs Tracey Badu Ntiamoah.

Aside from the joy of the day, there were a few moments that took away from the beauty of the wedding.

One was when Tracey’s husband, Frank, appeared on the dancefloor with her, dressed like a homeless person who had wandered into the event.

He was wearing an oversized shirt, no socks, and no belt in his trousers!

Netizens quickly noticed this and called him out for acting like a jerk on his own wedding day.

One fan wrote: “Nti berima no ne socks w) he fa ?” meaning – where are the guy’s socks?

Another took it deeper in their reply: “Socks nkoa mpo….see his oversize top and trousers with no belt….did he know today is his wedding day?😂” he fired.

While Frank started the day looking dapper, he apparently became sloppy as the wedding progressed, appearing wretched in this one video!

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