Birthday Outfits: What to Wear to a Birthday Party

You have no justification for showing up in unflattering birthday attire, whether it’s your birthday or a friend’s.

Given that there will be other visitors around, you must look your best. You can never be sure if you’ll run into your prince charming there. Keep in mind that you will pose for photos with (or as) the celebrant. And at whatever birthday celebration you attend, dress to make a fashion statement so you don’t hide your face when you look back at the photos in a few years.

If you have a birthday party planned and haven’t decided on the ideal birthday clothing for the event, keep reading.

We’ve already completed your homework.

How to Dress for a Birthday Party

lady wearing ankara top on red shorts

Regardless of what you decide to wear to your event, let these tips guide your decision:

Follow the Dress Code

plus sized lady wearing brown dress for a birthday party

Whether you’re the celebrator or a guest, stick to the dress code if there’s any.

You don’t have to disobey the dress code just because you want to stand out. You can stand out in that all-white, green, or black attire. It all depends on what you wear and how you style and accessorize.

So, obey the dress code but make it suit you.

Consider the Venue

lady wearing midi dress for a birthday event

Is the party gonna be by the poolside or in a house? Will it be in a large hall for lunch or dinner? Or will you be spending all night clubbing?

Consider the venue of the party before opening your wardrobe. You wouldn’t want to wear a dinner gown to a club party or dress hot when it’s a formal, evening event.

Never Try to Outshine the Celebrator

lady wearing layered dress as birthday outfit

It’s their party. Let them have the spotlight. When it’s your turn, you can bask in the attention too.

This doesn’t mean you should look your worst all because you want your friend to be the best-dressed on their day. No. Do you want to ruin their photos? I guess not.

So, look your best. Invest in a dress that will pop you out from the crowd. But don’t wear something that’ll make people think you are the celebrator when you’re not. Save the drama and excessive statement pieces for your party or any other event where there’s no specific celebrator.

You don’t wanna ruin someone’s little moment of shine, do you?


Add Your Personality to the Mix

lady outfit ready for a birthday event

Do you love bodycon dresses, flared skirts, mini skirts, palazzo pants, etc? Wear them to the occasion. Do you love to mix prints? Go ahead and do it. Or is Afrocentric fashion your thing? Great!

Just do you but ensure it’s stylish enough for the occasion.

Don’t Forget Your Hair and Makeup

smiling lady wearing ankara top on jeans for a birthday event

Clothes aren’t all there is to look good. If your hair and makeup aren’t also on fleek, your investment in a great birthday outfit won’t yield returns.

So, go for the best hairstyles that suit your dress and subtle yet solid makeup to match.

Punctuate Your Outfit with Accessories

lady wearing a short kente dress with big hard

Don’t just wear your dress and get going. Tie a scarf around your neck or head. Put a watch on your wrist. Add a dangling necklace to highlight your neck. Wear your sunshades to block the UV rays of the sun.

Accessorizing never gets old. So, always wear those little add-ons to magnify your look.

13 Birthday Outfits that Should Become Wardrobe Staples

lady wearing ankara maxi dress for a birthday event

1. Jeans and Top

lady wearing white sleeveless top with jeans

You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and that’s on period.

Jeans go with any top whether it’s a button-down shirt, tee, or a crop top that flaunts your mid-riff.

Thankfully, different types of jeans abound. So, if you don’t want skinny jeans, you can go for bell-bottoms, straight cut, distressed jeans, etc.

2. Palazzo and Top

lady wearing white top with lemon palazzo

If you want something that’ll frame your body and highlight your curves, palazzo pants are excellent.

lady wearing green top on palazzo

If this is your choice, we have a style guide on how to rock palazzo pants. Do check it out.

3. Skirt and Top

lady wearing crop top on a midi skirt

Wanna flaunt your thighs and fine legs at the party? Grab on a mini skirt. Just pick a befitting top, use the tips we shared above, and you’ll be good to go.

4. Bodycon or Loose-fitting Dresses

lady wearing animal print bodycon dress

I love dresses because you seldom need to pair them with any bottom. Simply wear them and you’re a step closer to donning a hot birthday outfit.

lady wearing bodycon dress with bag and shoes

But if you want your dress to be impactful, make it bodycon. It’s perfect if you have an hourglass or pear body type as this dress will highlight your figure to stir admiration.

Go for any length of dress you like so long as you’re comfortable, be it midi, mini, or maxi.

5. Tulle Skirt

lady wearing pink tulle

Did I say you can’t pair a dress with any bottom? Well, if it’s a mini dress, you sure can pair it with a tulle skirt and make a really cool style statement.

And that’s what I did with this tulle skirt from Ria Kosher:

Victoria Willie wearing blue tulle skirt by Ria Kosher
Tulle Skirt by Ria Kosher (N5000). Buy Now

Tulle skirts are sheer. They mostly come as layered pieces, thus adding more details to your look. And if you don’t wanna layer your mini dress with a tulle skirt, wear a pair of bum shorts or a mini skirt underneath the skirt and pair with a nice top.

Or better still, if you’re attending a pool party, use it to layer your bikini.

6. Coordinated Sets

lady wearing coordinated outfit

Co-ords make dressing up easy and fun. And when you want a taste of variety, you can pair the top or bottom with any other combo of your choice.

lady wearing pink top and pants

Don’t be reluctant to try a two-piece outfit. They’re hot birthday outfits.

7. Sequin Dress

lady wearing sequin dress

Sequin dresses come in handy if the party will be like a black or white-tie event.

lady wearing red sequin blazer dress

Wear this if it’s a birthday dinner. Your sequin dress can be midi, mini, or long. It all depends on your choice.

8. Blazer Dress

lady wearing orange blazer dress with hat

A suit dress is a classy, tres chic way to turn up at a birthday party whether it’s yours or not. You can even go for a suit dress with statement details.

lady wearing pink blazer dress

Blazer dresses give off this powerful, sexy look.

9. Corset Fashion

lady wearing army green shirtdress with black corset

Need something that would cinch your waist and highlight your boobs and curves? A corset dress is your go-to piece then.

lady wearing fatigues on corset

Consult our style guide on corset fashion. It’ll prep you and show you how to rock this outfit better.

10. Jumpsuit

lady wearing blue jumpsuit

You can as well wear a jumpsuit. Depending on the venue and dress code, opt for either a casual or formal jumpsuit.

lady wearing white jumpsuit

Again, we have a guide that’ll show you how to rock a jumpsuit with style. Consult it if this is your choice.

11. Pant Suits

lady wearing red pant suit

Suits are known to evoke power. And when you don one, you’re immediately perceived as a woman who’s got her life in control.

12. Bum Shorts

lady wearing layered top with jean shorts

Bum shorts are suitable for casual parties whether in a house, club or by the poolside. It’s great for flaunting your beautiful legs and thighs and can make you a showstopper without trying hard.

lady wearing white top with ankara palazzo

We have a guide that shows you how to turn heads with your bum shorts. Consult it if this is your best pick.

13. Afrocentric Fashion

lady wearing kente top with jeans

Who said you can’t rock African prints to a birthday party?

You can even make it the dress code if it’s your party. Afrocentric pieces are versatile as you can rock them in different styles including the 12 outfit ideas we mentioned above.

lady wearing ankara short dress with hat and glasses

Imagine rocking an ankara top with your skinny jeans, or donning an ankara suit, a dashiki, or a kente mini dress.

Your options are endless with Afrocentric fashion.

Now that you know the best birthday outfits for your next party, go ahead and make your choice among them. They can also pass for your birthday outfits if you’re the one celebrating.

Speaking of your birthday…

lady wearing green slit dress for a birthday event

Have you had your photoshoot yet?

If not, thank goodness. Why, you ask?

That’s because your birthday pictures will be better than what you may already be envisaging if you check out these birthday photoshoot outfit ideas we curated for you.

Have a good read.



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