Your wife has to divorce you – Amerado says as he calls for a rap battle with Strongman [Video]

Rapper Amerado Burner has reacted to Strongman Burner’s remarks that his wife would divorce him if he responds to his trash song about Ama unquestionably needing to leave her.

Strongman Burner stated in an interview that he wasn’t interested and that his girlfriend was the reason he didn’t respond to Amerado’s trash song. If he responds to Amerado by lowering himself to his level, Ama threatened to pack her belongings and depart.

This certainly didn’t sit well with Amerado, who later said that Ama must quit Strongman since he had descended to his level to criticize him in an interview. However, we think that is different from writing a diss song in response to him.

Amerado asserts that Strongman is not superior to him in any way because Strongman has traveled wherever Amerado has, which only indicates that they are on an equal footing and cannot be compared by Ama, his wife.

Watch the video below;

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