It was my motive to go to the Ankaful prison – Shatta Wale reveals why

Shatta Wale, a dancehall performer from Ghana, has said that his long-planned trip to prison—specifically, the Ankaful Prison—was an idea he had long ago.

Remember how the famous artist caused dread and terror among the population by spreading reports that he had been shot? He was sentenced to a week in Ankaful Prison.

Due to the fact that the trial did not immediately conclude, he was hauled before the court and had to spend a few days in jail.

Reviewing the event, he said that he carefully planned his route to the Ankaful facility in a recent interview on the well-known Ghanaian radio station Hitz FM.

In his submission, he said;

“I wanted to go to Ankaful because there was something there I wanted to go and take. I have done so many things that has helped so many artists now but they don’t even say ‘Thank you’.”


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