19 Latest Shuku Hairstyles You Should Try Out Before the Year Ends

If you’ve been considering braiding your hair into cornrows in an updo fashion, shuku is the right hairstyle for you, and in this article, you will see some of the latest shuku hairstyles to make you more gorgeous.

What is Shuku?

back view of  black and white shuku hairstyle

The Shuku hairstyle, otherwise spelled as Suku has been in existence for ages. This style involves braiding the hair to create a hump on top of the head. It has its roots tied to the Yoruba culture and literally, means ‘basket’ in Yoruba.

Although the hairstyle was initially reserved for royal women to differentiate them from commoners, it has long become popular among young ladies, schoolgirls and married women alike.

To cap it all, there are now tweaks to the hairstyle that make it more attractive, versatile and easy to maintain. One of such shuku hairstyles is the use of extensions of any colour to have the hairdo.

Types of Shuku

lady rocking shuku high bun

Ancient statues of history prove that this hairstyle has been around for over 2500 years as some of the effigies wear shuku. Its types include:

  • Suku ologede
  • Suku elegbe
  • Onididi suku
  • Suku na poi
  • Suku fula
  • Twin suku
  • Suku sesema

Styling Tools

Shuku is simple to do and doesn’t consume time, unlike other intricate hairstyles. It can be done with your natural hair or with attachments or any colour depending on your choice. You can also have the hairdo in any length either short or long. Traditionally, the styling implements needed to plait this hairstyle are:

  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Oya: a wooden comb with three teeth that is of various sizes.
  • Hair cream

Shuku is also a protective hairstyle for those with natural hair. It can be further beautified with beads, hair clips and flowers to achieve your desired look. It is stylish and can be worn with dresses of any neckline to complement your look.

Latest Shuku Hairstyles

Civilization has brought about different variations to the traditional shuku hairstyle. These variations are the shuku hairstyles trending today and some of them have been curated below. Do feast your eyes and screenshot the ones you’ll be taking to your hairstylist.

1. High Bun Suku

back view of a high bun suku

This involves braiding the hair into cornrows to have a bun at the middle of the head. This is the root of all shuku hairstyles and it can be made in any fashion such as a mixture of thin and thick braids.

side view of high bun shuku

2. Low Bun Shuku

lady rocking low bun shuku

Contrary to the high bun, this type of shuku doesn’t have the hump at the middle of the head. The bun instead goes lower than the middle of the head.smiling lady rocking suku low bun

3. Double bun

picture grid of a lady wearing double bun shuku

Double bun shuku involves having two buns on the head. It is a beautiful hairstyle as you can have thick or thin cornrows made in this manner.

picmix of a lady wearing double bun suku

4. Shuku with Edges

lady wearing unfinished shuku with edge control

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