Thomas Partey left off the hook over räpë case as he returns to Arsenal training grounds

Days after becoming involved in a räp case involving two ladies, Thomas Partey is said to have returned to training.
Veteran Ghanaian journalist Saddick Adams announced on his Twitter page that he has arrived at the Arsenal training facility. He uploaded a video of the significant midfielder pulling up in his luxurious car to see his buddy.

He posted;


In a previous development to this report, Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) dropped the charges against the Arsenal midfielder. Per the report, the CPS cited a lack of evidence to pin the said allegations on the footballer.

Partey reportedly has two räp accusations pending against him from two different women, according to Kojo Smith, a close friend of the player whose pivotal goal at the Moshood Abiola Sports earned Ghana the one and only ticket to Qatar 2022 at the cost of Nigeria in the World Cup playoffs.

Investigations, according to the source, turned up no evidence, which gave him some breathing room, but the second woman, according to the narration, has refused to dismiss her own claims.

Kojo Smith opined that the whole matter could be a grand scheme by the player’s Moroccan girlfriend to drag the player down after he refused to marry her during their recent visit to Spain.

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