Racism: Outrage as black African passengers assaulted at Tunis airport

In the midst of the turmoil brought on by a flight delay, Tunisian officials attacked many black African travelers at the Tunis-Carthage airport in the capital.

According to reports, the international airport in Tunis-Carthage has seen a number of flights canceled and delayed, leaving people trapped at the airport.

Videos of Tunisian police beating and assaulting Senegalese travelers in the airport with batons went viral on social media, sparking outrage from activists and Twitter users who denounced the bigotry the travelers were experiencing.

The shocking video shows cops using batons to viciously assault the flying passengers, who collapse to the ground in pain.

Taking to Twitter, netizen @YussufMwinji shared a video of how a riot erupted when black Africans protested against the racist decisions by the airline.

He said “when black Africans protested, they were beaten and charged with threatening the police.”

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