How to dress according to your body type

The fact that the human body exists in a variety of sizes and shapes contributes to its distinctiveness.

Numerous factors, including heredity, age, and muscle mass, have an impact on body type. You will appear more appealing and confident if you are aware of your body type and how to dress for it.

In this post, we discuss some of the most popular body shapes and how to dress for them.

1.The triangle body type

This can also be called the pear body type. Women with this body type often have fuller hips than fuller upper bodies. This means that the hips are more noticeable than the bust or other parts of the upper body. Women with a triangle body shape typically have a small waist and narrow shoulders.

How to dress when you have a triangle body type:

– Wear clothes with boat, round, or heart necklines.

– Wear blazers with shoulder pads.

– Avoid skinny jeans.

– Invest in off-shoulder or strapless dresses.

– Wear A-line skirts.

2.The hourglass body shape

Just like the shape of an hourglass, a person with an hourglass body shape has both a fuller upper body and a fuller lower body, but a small and defined waist. It’s often called the figure 8.

How to dress when you have an hourglass body shape:

– Wear belts around the waist.

– Wear clothes with oval, jewel, or rounded necklines.

– Wear fitted sleeves.

– Wear wraps or keyhole tops.

– Invest in high-waisted and flared trousers.

3.The rectangular body shape

A person with a rectangular body shape has similar measurements in the upper body, lower body, and waist. It is also called “the straight” or “banana body” type.

How to dress when you have a rectangular body shape:

– Wear tube dresses.

– Wear clothes with a sweetheart or V-neckline.

– Wear clothes with a detailed collar.

– Wear flare plants.

4.The inverted triangle body shape

It’s often referred to as the “apple body shape.” People with an apple body shape often have a burst larger than their hips and an undefined waist.

How to dress when you have an inverted triangle body shape:

– Wear clothes that show off your legs.

– Invest in push-up bras.

– Wear clothes with a wide and low neckline.

– Wear clothes with loose or flared sleeves.

– Avoid ruffled skirts

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