You Can Never Be On Jackie Appiah’s Level – Don Little Fearlessly Blasts Tracey Boakye

Actor Don Little caused controversy for himself by assaulting Tracey Boakye, a.k.a. BB the Borla Bird, an actress.

Despite the fact that he may appear small to you, Don Little exudes confidence.

He speaks with a mouth as fiery as a thousand suns!

After Jackie Appiah posted a video of her magnificent property online, the star called Tracey Boakye out for allegedly being envious of her.

Weeks later, the mansion was the topic of conversation, despite the attempts of the envious Tracey Boakye to downplay it.

Later, she even made an attempt to demonstrate her wealth by parading her glaringly inferior property.

In a video that caused quite the sensation online, Don Little chastised her for all these indications of resentment.

The actor slammed Boakye for being jealous of her colleague’s success instead of celebrating it.

According to him, Tracey shouldn’t even feel envious because she’s just not on Jackie Appiah’s level.

Watch the video below…


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