Belly-Concealing Outfits for Ladies with Big Belly

On Sunday in church I was a little peeved by an unpleasing sight. To others, it probably was okay, but going by my fashion acumen, that particular sight was a no-no for me. I’ll tell you what inspired me to write on the suitable outfits for ladies with big belly: some lady in church wore a bodycon pink pencil skirt and a long-sleeved turtleneck top.

Nice combo, you think? Well, it was nice up until I noticed she tucked in her top and all the contours of her stomach were protruding from her outfit. Such body-hugging skirt and top may be good at accentuating one’s figure but for her body type, it didn’t at all. It only succeeded in promoting her big belly. And these days, who loves big bellies when there are no babies in there? You guessed right — nobody or maybe few.

Having a big stomach when it isn’t a baby bump can be frustrating especially if you’ve never had a child. Inasmuch as you hate to admit it, you get envious —or should I say intimidated —when the flat stomach geng flaunt their asset. You’ve tried exercising but it’s not for you; I mean, consistency is a very expensive commodity not everyone can afford, you know. You’ve also drank different colours of tea too but they seem not to work. Also, you’ve gone on a diet and it doesn’t even feel like your stomach is reducing and going for a cosmetic surgery is a matter of it-hasn’t-gotten-to-that-extent for you.

Well, the truth is you aren’t putting in much work as you should and you know that, don’t you? So instead of sulking on how you don’t like your big belly or tucking it in whenever you take a picture, why don’t you just adapt and live with it for the time being. By living with it, I don’t mean you should go wear something that’ll announce to the crowd: “hey, look at me! I got a big tummy. Deal with it.” I mean you should wear stuff that flatter your body type and the best way to start is by trying out any of these outfits for ladies with big belly.

Suitable Outfits That Can Help You Hide Your Belly and Side Fat

1. Blouson Dresses

plus-size lady in print blouson dress - Outfits for Ladies with Big Belly

A blouson dress is a dress drawn tight at the waist which blouses out and hangs over the waistband. It has a  high, tucked waistline which creates a draped, flowing silhouette like a blouse. The tucked waistline is usually subtle and this helps to define your waistline while draping over your figure. A blouson dress flatters any body type. It creates a slimming effect which means it makes you look slimmer in it. It is also suitable for hiding big belly and side fat.

a plus-size lady in a pink blouson dress

2. Wrap Dress

a black lady in a stripped wrap top and black tight pants

A wrap dress has a front closure created by wrapping one side across the other, and knotting the attached ties that wrap around the back at the waist or with buttons. It further creates a V-shaped neckline and it is a good outfit to flatter your curves.

black lady in a yellow wrap dress - Outfits for Ladies with Big Belly

A wrap dress provides a comfy feel around your hips and stomach region. The extra layer of fabric it gives helps to conceal belly fat.

3. Loose Tops

a plump lady in a loose top and black jeans

If you want to retain your style even with a big belly, don’t wear tight-fitting tops. They announce every fat in your body and that can be so much of an eyesore. Tight-fitting tops are very adept attention-thieves. They steal attention from your beautiful outfit and take them to unnecessary places without getting caught. That’s bad.

You want to let people know you are thick yet stylish. You want to look good in whatever you wear. Hence, the solution is to go for loose tops. Loose-fitting tops show nothing yet remain stylish. You can wear a loose-fitting top that has an attractive neckline or ruchings and drapings.

lady in a loose top - Outfits for Ladies with Big Belly

However, if you choose to wear a tight dress, make sure it has some belly-concealing features like ruffles or drapes around the tummy or some other feature that takes the attention to another part of your body.

4. High-rise Pants

fair plus-size lady in a high-waist jean

Instead of wearing a pair of low-rise jeans, why not go for high-rise jeans if you want to hide your belly. High-rise pants smoothen the line from the waist to the hips thus making extra flesh invisible. They also snug up to the waist and fit perfectly without showing any bulge. Most importantly, high-rise pants help in tucking your belly in. Just make sure the pants don’t end at the middle of your tummy so it doesn’t create a bulge. Let it be higher.

fair lady in high-waist jeans - Outfits for Ladies with Big Belly

5. Jackets, Kimonos and Long Cardigans

woman wearing a jacket over a short dress

Layering is a good way to conceal your belly. You should layer with jackets and long cardigans as they are belly-concealing outfits for ladies with big belly. They are ubiquitous clothing too and aren’t just suitable for cold weather conditions alone. Jackets and cardigans suit just any outfit whether jeans, skirts, pants or dresses. They help to create the vertical line that will give you an illusive straight body and distract the eyes from unnecessary curves. They don’t necessarily have to be thick; you can opt for lightweight layers of block or any colours.

woman in denim jacket on ankaraskirt

Furthermore, you can pair a short jacket with a long top. This also helps in distracting the eyes from your tummy as a result of the varying length.

6. Flare Skirts

African lady in an animal print flare skirt

If the lady in my story had opted for a high-rise flare skirt with her turtleneck top, it would have been way better. Seriously better. Flare skirts are also good in concealing big belly even if you pair them with a tight-fitting top. That’s because they are flare and their flare feature already is enough details. Add more accents to it by making it a flare skirt with busy prints. Trust me, nobody would even notice your stomach.

a lady in a purple flare short gown - Outfits for Ladies with Big Belly

7. Asymmetrical Tops and Dresses

lady in a jean and asymmetrical top - Outfits for Ladies with Big Belly

Asymmetrical dresses are suitable outfits for ladies with big belly. They create lines that disguise your tummy. They further draw attention away from your belly by creating diagonal and vertical lines which further elevate the outfit.

a white lady in asymmetrical dress

8. Peplum Tops

curvy lady in a peplum top jacket - Outfits for Ladies with Big Belly

Peplum is basically an over-the-skirt dress that is attached to another garment around the waist area to help minimize the waist by accentuating the hips. Peplum tops have its way of bringing out that confidence and elegance in a woman no matter her social status. They are perfect dresses for any body type and they usually lap well on the wearer whether slender, chubby or hourglass figured. Ensure your peplum top begins at the waist region so it can conceal your tummy my better.

a lady in an ankara peplum top and black skirt

9. Prints and Patterns

beautiful lady in short loose ankara gown

Not only do dresses with busy prints hide visible panty lines, they also are very good at hiding belly fat. You should have at least a dress or top with prints in your wardrobe. You can wear an asymmetrical print top or a loose-fitting top with prints and presto! No one will notice your tummy.

curvy lady in a colored patterned skirt and black top

10. Shapewear

lady in a shapewear

We’ve dealt with the outfits that help to conceal your belly. What about underwear? A good example of an underwear for ladies that conceals belly fat is shapewear. They tuck the tummy in as most times they are usually high-rise. You can as well opt for waist trainers if you want to wear a tight-fitting dress but don’t want your tummy to be a distraction from your curves. It doesn’t have to be every day but wearing them frequently also helps in trimming down belly fat.

ladies in waist trainers

Bonus Tips to Help You Hide Big Belly and Side Fat

Take the Attention Somewhere Else

lady in a black butterfly dress - Outfits for Ladies with Big Belly

You’ve got big boobs, an hourglass figure, fine legs or lovely shoulders? Then highlight it. You can wear a V-neck top to flatter your bust region or simply hang a scarf around your neck so the focus lies therein. Also, you can wear nice jeans with bright coloured shoes to flatter your legs and off-shoulder tops to highlight your shoulders. You can as well wear a statement necklace, a hat or any befitting accessory. Just take the attention from what you don’t like to what you like.

Avoid Tucking In

lady in purple peplum top dress - Outfits for Ladies with Big Belly

When you tuck your shirt or top in, you draw attention to your waist. And what happens when you draw attention to your waist? They notice the belly you’re trying to hide, of course.  Rather than tuck in, leave your top outside your skirt or pants to avoid creating a line across your tummy at its broadest part. If you do this, you can further hide your tummy by layering with a jacket of any length.

However, if you have to tuck in, you have to wear a flare skirt or a loose-fitting top. That way, no attention is taken to your stomach.

Wearing these outfits for ladies with big belly helps you to comfortably live with the size of your tummy. You won’t have to tuck it in anymore because there’ll be no obvious bulge in your dresses. Your curves will be the focus of attention and you’ll always be as stylish as you can be.

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