Some songs doesn’t deserve a dance challenge on tiktok – Gyakie

Nowadays, almost every song that artists post on social media sites comes with a dance challenge, which boosts the song’s popularity there.

Gyakie firmly asserted that not every song need a dance challenge while analyzing the current trend of employing one to promote music.

“I don’t think that dance challenge should be for every song,” she remarked. “I mean, if you want to drop a song and it’s a tune we can dance to and you do dance challenge to it, then it pushes the music further.”

In an interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM in Cape Coast, the singer of “Something” mentioned that TikTok has converted dancing challenges into a platform for song promotion, but it’s not necessary for every song.

She said, “I think that because of the new app, TikTok, it has become a part of us therefore we ought to accept it, but when you want to launch a song it’s not mandatory for you to do a dance challenge.”

“However, a dance challenge makes listening to the song so sweet such as going for a party and you see people using the same dance moves when the song is being played that also helps in the promo of that song,” Gyakie explained on the Kastle Drive Show.

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