My wife ‘warned’ to leave if I reply Amerado – Strongman

Rapper, Strongman, says the main reason he has not responded to Amerado is because his girlfriend, Nana Ama, insisted he should not reply.

According to him, his longtime girlfriend, who he refers to as his wife, cautioned him to desist from replying because she might leave him if he does.

In his song ‘Obiaa boa’, Amerado insinuated that Strongman has not been able to leverage on all the support he has received over the years to create a formidable rap career.

Strongman pointed out in an interview on Angel FM that there were a lot of reasons he didn’t respond to the jab by Amerado. However, the most important reason was because his longtime girlfriend demanded he should not reply to Amerado.

“Recording a reply to Amerado’s ‘Obiaa boa’ is not an issue at all, however, the truth is that replying to him means risking my relationship with my wife. Yes, Nana Ama warned that, if I should stoop low to reply to Amerado, she would pack out.”

Strongman indicated that if there is enough pressure from music lovers and his fans to reply to his fellow rapper, he would regardless of his girlfriend’s wishes. This is because he believes it will make business sense.

“Although Nana Ama’s warning is holding my hands, if my fans ask me to reply to Amerado, I would give him a befitting reply.”

When Amerado’s song came out, a lot of rap enthusiasts expected a quick response from Strongman. However, he declined to reply because, he thought Amerado was being strategic and wanted to hit at top rappers to gain more traction in the music industry.

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