Stop criticizing GHAMRO unfairly – Appietus to Ghanaian musicians

Appiah Dankwa, better known by his stage name Appietus, has urged Ghanaian musicians to treat the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) with respect.

According to him, many musicians have formed their opinions about the organization through unsubstantiated claims by other people.

“Most of these people [musicians], if you ask them, have they been there, they’ll say no.”

The notable record producer said this on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z show Saturday, July 2.

GHAMRO is a royalties collection agency within Ghana. It represents the rights of music copyright holders. It was created under section 49 of the Copyright Law, Act 690 of 2005. The agency collects royalties for all rights owners in Ghana.

In furtherance, Appietus pointed out that many musicians who constantly complain about how GHAMRO works do not have any facts to back their claims. However, regardless of this they still go on to make assertions about the organization.

“Most of these guys, you ask them, have you gone there? Have you presented your work? They’ll tell you, no!”

Appietus’ comments indicated that he appreciates how GHAMRO works. He, therefore, big upped the board chairman of the organization, Rex Omar, for the hard work he has been doing. Appietus emphasized that, Rex Omar has been working to prop up the institution regardless of the impediments he has faced.

He added that recording artistes should ensure they adhere to the guidelines of GHAMRO and collaborate with its statues. Appietus stated that if this is done and they still have issues with the organization then they will be in the right position to point out the loopholes in the GHAMRO’s operations.

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