Daddy Lumba stole my song “Woho Kyere” – Ofori Amponsah

Ofori Amponsah has expressed disappointment in Daddy Lumba for not giving him credit for his work.

The High Life singer claims that an album with the title “Wo Ho Kyere” was released in 1999, with Lumba listed as the proprietor and him being introduced as a guest musician. When Ofori Amponsah first met Daddy Lumba at the age of 18, he became one of his protégés.

In a new revelation, Ofori Amponsah now claims that the ‘Wo Ho Kyere’ album was supposed to be in his name and not Daddy Lumba.

Detailing what happened, Ofori Amponsah during an interview with TV XYZ said “he had no idea what actually transpired in the decision to make Lumba the owner of the said album which took them 6 years to produce“.

Speaking on TV XYZ in an interview, mynewsgh reported Ofori Amponsah to has also said that, “it should have been the other way round“.

“According to him, the whole artwork of the album and other things were done in Germany but after he came back to Ghana, he realized the whole concept was changed in favour of Daddy Lumba,” the website added.

Ofori Amponsah was asked who changed the credit on the album and he said “I don’t actually know but that was one of my episodes in my life I can say that, it was a painful episode because it wasn’t supposed to be Daddy Lumba featuring Ofori Amponsah, it was supposed to be Ofori Amponsah Ft Daddy Lumba.

He however noted that his comment is not to disrespect Daddy Lumba who he still sees as his father but he just to make the truth known.

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