8 Unknown Benefits Of Mango Leaves

Mango leaves? Many people have raised their eyebrows by reading this. As we all are huge fans of mango fruit, we can eat mangoes at any time. But did you ever think about eating mango leaves? No..!!

We Indians only know the one use of mango leaves that too on a festive day or auspicious day. Our granny and moms used to make mango leaves toran garland for your home entrance. Other than this, we rarely know the uses of mango leaves.

Mango is the king of fruits that are popular all over the world with its different varieties. They are tasty as well as healthy. Surprisingly, mango leaves are also equally essential for your health. Scientifically mango leaves are known as Mangifera Indica. According to Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, mango leaves are used for thousands of years now for their healing properties. The benefits of mango leaves are so varied and extensive that they are also given immense importance in eastern medicine.

Are mango leaves edible?
Yes, you can eat them. Young green mango leaves are very tender, so they’re cooked and eaten in some cultures. The leaves are so nutritious that you can also make tea or other supplements.

How to make mango-leaves tea?
Take fresh and bright mango leaves or even baby leaves around 10 to 15 and wash them.
Chop the leaves and cut them into small pieces.
Add those pieces to the tea infuser with some honey.
Add boiled water to the infuser and cover it. Let the leaves steep for around 10 minutes.
Remove the infuser and pour the water into a cup or glass.
Nutritionals value of mango leaves
Mango leaves are rich in vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B. It contains other compounds like steroids, alkaloids, riboflavin, Thiamin, phenolic, beta-carotene, flavonoids, etc. Mango leaves are rich in terpenoids and polyphenols, which are plant compounds that protect against disease and fight inflammation in your body.

Health benefits of mango leaves
Mango leaves are versatile. Their health benefits are essential for our health.

1. Supports skin health
Mango leaves contain all nutrients that are essential for skin health. Mango leaf extract may reduce the fine lines, ageing signs and dryness of the skin. It also helps in collagen production that may reduce the wrinkles and fine lines from the face.

Mango leaves have antibacterial properties that help treat bacterial skin infections such as staph Infections and skin burns. The mango leaves contain essential properties and nutrients that help to heal the burns and scalds on the skin. Anthocyanin present in mango leaves provides instant relief from burns.

How to use – For instant results, take some mango leaves and burn them. Then take the ash from the leaves and apply it to the burns.

2. Excellent for hair problems
Using mango leaves for hair growth is an ancient technic to grow hair rapidly. The leaves are rich in nutrients like Vitamin C and A, which boosts the production of collagen that is important for healthy hair. It gives a shine to your dull hair.

When you have chemically damaged hair, mango leaves came for rescue. The flavonoids present in the mango leaves can colour the hair black naturally.

How to use – make a fine paste from fresh mango leaves. Apply the paste on the hair and wash your hair after around 15 minutes with water.

3. Balance the blood sugar level
Mango leaves are excellent in balancing blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Those leaves contain tannins called anthocyanidins that may help in treating early diabetes. It also contains 3beta taraxerol and ethyl acetate, which help treat hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar levels).

How to use– You can boil the 10-15 mango leaves in a cup of water. Then leave the water overnight to cool and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

4. Manage high blood pressure
Mango leaves have hypotensive properties that mean it helps reduce blood pressure. The leaves make the blood vessels strong and healthy. Mango leaves are an effective remedy for varicose veins.

How to use – Mango leaves tea can help treat hypertension.

5. Treat gall and kidney stones
Mango leaves powder is used to treat gall stones and kidney stones. It helps breakdown the kidney stones and throw them out of your body through urination. The leaves are the best form for removing harmful toxins from the body.

How to use – Take some mango leaves and dry them. Powder them and mix them in water. Keep the water overnight and drink it on an empty stomach every morning.

6. May treat stomach ulcers and hiccups
Mango leaves were beneficial to aid stomach ulcers and hiccups from ancient times. Sometimes hiccups are stubborn that it is difficult to stop. In this scenario, mango leaves works magically.

How to use – Burn some mango leaves & inhale the smoke. It will help in reducing hiccups. You can also drink warm water with mango leaves daily would be beneficial for stomach ulcers.

7. May help with weight loss
Studies have shown that mango leaves help with reducing obesity by reducing the level of fat deposits in the body. It may even help in managing diabetes and this could lead to a high metabolic rate which will prevent you from gaining weight.

How to use – Prepare a mango leaf tea by boiling a handful of leaves in 150ml of water. You can also use mango leaf powder or extract if fresh leaves are not easily available.

8. May have anti-inflammatory properties
Studies have shown that mango leaves have anti-inflammatory properties in animals which suggest that they could protect your brain from diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

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