40 Adorable Native Styles for Kids You’ll Love on Your Child

Is your child’s dedication coming up soon? Or is it their birthday? Or do you just feel like adorning them in cute native styles for kids so they look beautiful while upholding their culture?

If yes, you made the right decision to read this post.

Why? Because you’ll not only find the cutest children’s native style ideas in this article. You’ll also learn what it’ll take you to pull off these kids’ native ideas.

But first, here’s what we’ll cover:

Why Native Attire for Children?

Children’s fashion is taking its toll on the world. All about you, on Tiktok, Pinterest, and Instagram are content showcasing how beautiful it is when parents groom their kids in clothes that exude style.

Take this one, for instance:

Notice how the girls strut in their beautiful ankara skirts and tops? See how they added bags, accessories, and mixed different ankara prints in one outfit.

Can you also notice the confidence they exude?

That’s how powerful fashion is, even to children. And when it’s native fashion, rest assured it also preserves your cultural heritage.

By dressing up your kids in African native wear, you get to teach them about their cultural values unconsciously. African fabrics like ankara, kente, isi agu, adire, aso oke, etc., all serve as a representation of our black identity.

And when children wear them, they ooze off the Africanness that Afrocentric fashion gives.

Types of Native Styles for Kids Your Child Should Wear

girl wearing orange lace outfit with matching headpiece

The popular native outfits for kids include:

1. Ankara styles for kids

boy wearing

How about you use some yards of ankara fabric to make beautiful styles for your child?

This can be ankara suit, ankara shorts, mix and match, ankara two-piece, ankara dresses, etc. Or you simply create a blend of ankara and streetwear pieces as a form of afro-urban fashion for kids.

girl wearing ankara dress

Many children’s native styles ideas involve ankara. Making one or more for your child keeps them trendy and stylish.

2. Senator

boy wearing chequered senator outfit

Your kids too can rock senator even better than adults. Guess what?

It’s no longer an attire reserved for the male gender alone.

boy wearing purple senator wear

Women now wear senator wears and so can your daughter. The best part is they don’t even need many yards of fabric for it. And you can always mix and match with other fabrics like ankara to spice things up.

3. Agbada

girl wearing white agbada

Agbada has also become unisex. You can make this for your sons. It gives off this aura of a wealthy Yoruba man who’s got his life under control.

Yoruba boy wearing blue embroidered agbada

Also, to give your daughter that manly look of strength and prestige, adorn her in this attire.

4. Ethnic traditional wear

Yoruba girl wearing aso oke outfit

You can also clothe your child in your tribal wears. For instance, if you’re from the Western part of Nigeria, iro and buba works for girls, while agbada and sokoto works for boys. Or you use the aso oke fabric to make beautiful pieces for them.

boy and girl wearing Igbo native outfits

And if you’re Ibibio/Efik,  clothe them in Etibo or the Oyoyono/Ofon Ukot Awan bridal attire for special occasions.

The same applies to other tribes.

Dressing up your kids in your tribal attire takes them back to their roots and teaches them about their ancestors even while they’re in another land.

5. Kaftan

Hausa boy wearing green kaftan with cap

Speaking of tribal wears, the kaftan is one of the native wears for Nigerian men common among the Hausa, Fulani, and Kanuri tribes of Nigeria.

boy wearing kaftan with Hausa cap

It’s a simple long and loose shirt that doesn’t have a collar but will definitely look good on your child. For more effects add a fila to the package and achieve a standout look.

6. Lace

smiling little girl wearing white lace outfit with gele

It doesn’t have to be an asoebi thingy, and even if it is, lace is one fabric that’ll give you gorgeous native styles for kids.

girl wearing a green lace dress looking down at her brother

Do try it out on your baby and bless the gram with lovely photos.

7. Isi Agu

boy wearing isi agu shirt with the igbo red cap

Picture your son in a shirt made with the popular Igbo lion head fabric and your daughter in a matching dress. Envisage those coral beads on their necks and wrists.

How lovely would it be?

boy wearing isi agu with walking stick

You’ll be killing two birds with a stone: showing your kids how to be stylish according to your traditional standards and transforming them into chic cultural masterpieces.

What to Consider Before Picking any of the Native Styles for Kids

girl wearing Edo traditional attire

Before choosing any of the native outfits for kids, you first have to ensure you have good fabric. Once that is in place, the next you need is a good tailor who understands garment construction for kids.

boy wearing wearing ankara outfit

Most importantly, to avoid pervs and pedophiles feasting their eyes on your kids, ensure you pick a decent style for them. You’re styling a child and not an adult, remember?

girl wearing white native wear with girl

Above all, I commend you for taking your time to learn about the native styles for kids.

boy wearing senator outfit with brown shoes

Not every parent knows the value of dressing kids up in African attire. But you’re that unique parent who knows the value. And for that reason, feast your eyes on more native outfits for children.

white boy and girl wearing kente fabric outfits

You never can tell; your child may be the next global fashion icon.



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