Meet 62 Year Old Mark Bryan, The Man Who Wears Fashionable Suits With High Heeled Shoes (+PHOTOS)

Mark Bryan is a Texan mechanical engineer who works in robotics packaging and lives in Germany with his wife of eleven years.

A few years ago, Bryan became a social media sensation after he went viral when he started posting images of his daily outfits in his signature“hybrid” look which comprised of traditionally men’s tops paired with pencil skirts and stiletto heels.

The sixty-two-year-old father of three loves Porsche’s coaches American football and believes that clothing has no gender.

“I’ve always had a thing for high-heeled shoes. It started back when I was in college forty years ago. I had a roommate that was sort of a girlfriend, who was as tall as I was, but she loved to wear four-inch heels, so she was naturally always taller.” He explained in a recent interview.

Bryan’s then-girlfriend encouraged him to try on her heels and he’s been wearing them on and off ever since.

“I wore them with jeans, but I grew up in a fairly small West Texas town, so I wouldn’t walk into a country-western bar wearing high heels,” he added.

Bryan decided to mix things up a bit four years ago by adding some fashionable skirts.

“My main message is that I don’t feel any different when I’m wearing a skirt or when I’m wearing pants. To me, it’s just a piece of cloth and a fashion style. It has nothing to do with sexuality or anything like that.” he bemoaned.

Interestingly enough, Ghanaian fashion consultant Osebo was heavily criticised when he started introducing wearing high waist skirts (which he referred to as kilts) to the public. He was often seen in skirts and boots and most people who couldn’t make sense out of his choice of fashion called him “crazy” among other derogatory names.

Well, it looks like he is not alone in the wearing of skirts fashion.

Check out some photos of Bryan’s unique style of dressing below;

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