Marine Science graduate of University of Ghana begs for job at roadside

Mixed reactions have greeted a photo circulating on social media which shows a University of Ghana graduate who studied Marine Science, holding a poster seeking a job.

The young man, identified on the poster as Isaac Kwame Addae, is photographed standing close to a gutter by the road, while holding the poster to display his predicament.

The poster also has his telephone number, via which anyone who has or knows of a job vacancy could reach him.

The photo was shared on social media platforms and it has since sparked diverse reactions, from people sympathizing with him to others making fun of the young man’s situation.

The majority of the reactions suggested that it would be hard for Addae to find a job in Ghana because of the course he chose to study. In their view, BSc. Marine Science is a bit strange and he might suffer to find any employment opportunity in that specialty.

Some people also suggested that he venture into entrepreneurship, while others said he could get employed as a naval officer in the Ghana Armed Forces.

Last year, a Kenyan man in a suit and tie who calls himself “Google Maps” proved that innovation is the key to survival in this era of high unemployment.

He came up with a hilarious yet progressive idea to create an income by simply helping people with directions to their various destinations.

According to the gentle-looking man who was spotted in Kenya’s capital Nairobi town, he is a “compass direction you can trust” to every destination within the town.

The young man is heard in a video advertisement saying: “Don’t get lost in town, I am a compass direction you can trust. At only KSh 10, I will show you all the directions.”

The video shows him holding a placard that has the inscription: “Usipotee tao, uliza directions hapa. Ni 10 bob pekee (sic)”

He was dressed in a long shirt, a coat, a tie, and jeans while moving about with the placard and advertising his services.

His shouts in a bid to get the attention of potential clients attracted a lot of eyes, but he was more particular about making money than what people thought about his business.

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