What do you use your plenty muscles for? – Berla Mundi asked men

The rhetorical question Berla Mundi posted online makes it plain that she does not like macho men or men with lots of muscle.

The well-known media personality questioned what those men used all those muscles for in the end, probably unaware of the importance of those men who spend hours in the gym only to grow their body and abs.

She tweeted;

Expectedly, some users came through with some responses which we have shared below;

@wakecop – For when pick up lines fail, and pick up has to be done by hand 💪

@NanaQwesiRocks – Eeiii sister nie 😎😎😎if want some tell us oooooo

@ArmahSnr – Carry you up and hit without dropping you on the ground

@KOBverr – 😃Building plenty muscles > body fat. The result is optimum health.

@OFFLINE45707463 – To wear Lacoste and long sleeves and beach vibes and for security reasons



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