Watch How Brother Sammy Teases Joyce Blessing with Her Broken Heart And Drunk Video

Brother Sammy did not spare Joyce Blessing when he met recently days after her ‘drunk and broken heart’ video which took centre stage in the grapevine.
The Nation’s Worshipper as Brother Sammy is affectionately called, was at his humorous best when he posed for a selfie with Joyce Blessing but poke fun at her by uttering the words she used in the aforementioned video.

A few days ago, the internet went up in flames when a video of Joyce Blessing drinking intermittently from a bottle of red wine amidst professing her love to whoever broke her heart (it was alleged to be her secret lover other than her husband Dave Joy) was shared.

She looked intoxicated, confused and disoriented while revealing how devastated she was for her man who she repeatedly said in the footage that she ‘fucking loves him’ to break her heart.

The video became topical online and amidst the varied discourse it triggered, her management promptly issued a press statement revealing that the video is old and has no bearing on any present context.

Well, Bro Sammy who is a very close friend of Joyce did not console her but decided to ridicule her by reciting the words she used in the video.

Joyce did not take offence but playfully asked him to stop. Watch the video below;

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