Rich Ghanaian kid gets police escort to buy a burger; the internet reacts

A young Ghanaian guy is trending on social media after sharing a video of himself getting a burger.

In the viral video that has got netizens talking, the ‘rich kid’ who was being chauffeured in a Land Cruiser also had a police escort who was riding a police motorbike ahead of his car.

The video was posted on a TikTok account with the handle @n.opoku.

However, checks show that the video with the @n.opoku account has now been removed on TikTok after the post went viral. Social media users have since been sharing their thoughts on the video.

Commenting on the screen-grabbed video shared by Pulse Ghana on Instagram, Ghanaian rapper, Guru, wrote “I like his energy need more of this content Hollywood Energy”. Another social media said “why can’t we get this type of people in our life. Ha ano sabi am”.

Meanwhile, others have been calling on the Ghana Police to arrest the young man and the police officer for abusing the Police escort with the siren through Accra traffic.

“These small boys for town want to spoil our police escorts smh, not every day flex for snap, just enjoy your luxury in private,” an Instagrammer @official80sbaby wrote. Another @hannah_milleken said “the police whine about protestors and then turn around and do this? The joke writes itself”.

The post has since gathered over 40,000 views with more than 200 comments within an hour. See it below for more of how the internet has been reacting to the video.

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